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Optimism and Cake Squares

Hello, lovely readers.

Long time no type… Let’s see, what have you guys missed? Basically not much, but let’s just start with this week. This week has been an emotional roller coaster, seeing as our busiest time of the year at work has been these last several weeks and climaxing this week, so everyone in my office has been pretty much walking around sleep-deprived and crazed. I’m, however, doing alright, because one of my coworkers, for some unknown reason, brought amazing cake squares to work today, and she gave me one. That makes her my new favorite person and put me in an even better mood than I was already in. I have no idea why I’m in such a good mood today, but I’m not questioning it. My Spotify is playing wonderful music. It’s Friday, and there’s an overall more-than-normal optimistic/cheerful vibe in my office (which I love). There are hilariously exciting movies premiering this weekend. And the J.Crew Factory store is 50% off this weekend. It’s going to be a good weekend!

Also, fabulous things are happening for my wonderful friends! Two of my friends, one of which is married, just bought their first houses. One has been in her new house for a few weeks now redecorating, and the other closes on her house at the end of the month. Another friend decided to end her engagement to her fiancé several months back, and now she’s in a new relationship and happier than I’ve ever seen. Finally, I have a friend in interviews this week that would put her in a very special job seemingly created just for her (Fingers crossed). My friends are amazing.

So I think that’s pretty much it for now… I hope you all have incredible weekends! Mine is going to be filled with lots of much needed me time.



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