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“Look for the helpers.”

Yesterday, I was unable to process what was going on in the news or rather, chose not to, as that’s how I tend to handle more emotionally trying situations. I wasn’t able to avoid it, however, for very long. I first heard of the explosions on Twitter, with people sending their love and thoughts and prayers to the people running the marathon, the injured bystanders, and the citizens of Boston. Those outcrys were peppered with links to news articles with extremely graphic images and live video feed of the bombings, showing the explosions in real time as well as pictures of the injured and deceased. It made my heart hurt and it still does. I couldn’t exscape it, and I still can’t; it was on the news as I went to bed last night and as I woke up this morning. It was the discussion on the radio as I drove to work. It was the story on the television playing in the doctor’s office. There is no avoiding it.

My way of dealing with terribly sad, scary, or emotional things has always been to compartmentalize them until I’m ready to handle whatever it is. This, however, insists on being dealt with now. There is no compartmentalization allowed. Yesterday was a teribbly sad and emotional day, and without knowing who’s responsible or why they chose to do what they did, there are some things I do know. There are many very good people in this world, and there are more good people than there are evil. After seeing all the footage that was so unavoidable, what was wonderful to see was the people rushing to help the injured and the fallen to safety. So many people, after the explosions, ran toward rather than away from the detonation site to help others. As a whole, people are inherently good, and that makes it hurt just a little less.

All my love.


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