Silly Putty Ear Plugs and whatnot…

I haven’t written in a while, and I’m starting to feel a little ache inside because of it. My parents left for Dubai last Wednesday and left me to watch my sisters. Usually it’s just me and my cat, and I’ve gotten quite comfortable with this arrangement. I’m the oldest of five children. My sisters are 18, 9, and 8, and relatively self-sufficient, especially Heather, the eldest of the three. The younger two are very busy with after-school and weekend activities. In the last several months, I’ve gotten very set in my routine of taking care of myself and my cat, and very rarely does this involve other people anymore.

My mother has raised five children. She has been raising children for the last twenty-three years. I don’t know how she does it. At present, I am single with no plans of attachment or future children. Right now, I can’t really see myself getting married. I’ve never been the biggest proponent for marriage nor do I put a lot of faith into marriage; that’s not to say all marriages fail, because that’s just not true, but it’s my experience, and research shows, that more marriages than not fail. As for children, I like them most of the time, as long as I can return them to their proper keepers. I’m actually pretty good with children and tend to get along well with them, depending on their age, though I’m not the most patient person, as my mother would be the first to point out.

Saturday morning, I was awoken by my youngest sister, Claire, at 6:30am moving around down the hall, opening and closing doors, trying, unsuccessfully, to be quiet. After several minutes of this, I called her into the room where I was sleeping to ask what she was doing. She came in crying. I then saw she had globs of something stuck in her hair on both sides of her ears. She told me through sobs she had been trying to make ear plugs out of silly putty, and in turn got the silly putty stuck in her hair. Instead of coming to me right away, she decided the best approach was to go get Ella’s school scissors out of her backpack and cut out the silly putty. I grew tired of the fidgeting and noise I had been hearing a tad too late, but in enough time that she only managed to cut a small portion of her hair. What is the fascination with children and cutting their hair? You couldn’t pay me enough to take scissors to my hair. Anyway, I got out of bed and tried to calm her down as I found the things I would need to remove the silly putty from her hair- rubbing alcohol, baby oil, and dawn. I put her in the tub and began stripping away the globs of putty. After about 30 minutes of fighting with the sticky substance and a comb, I was finally able to remove it all, as well as a few small chunks of hair. After a good wash and conditioning, it was almost as if nothing had happened. It’s really barely noticeable, and we went on with our day, but seriously, eight-year-olds should know better than to stick wetish, sticky things in their ears/ hair for fear of getting stuck.

silly putty ear plugs

On top of everything else, my body decided this was the week it wanted to get sick. Heather has also been sick this week. She had a stomach bug on Monday and Tuesday, and I’ve had a bad cold/ sinus infection that I can’t seem to shake since Monday night. It only seems to get worse as the days progress. Thankfully, the little girls haven’t gotten sick yet. Usually my whole family gets sick, and I’m the only one that doesn’t, but as I’m staying in the germ house, I’ve caught something. No doubt, the little girls are carrying something they’ve contracted from school and will, themselves, be sick soon.

I love my sisters, but I will be very happy to return them to my parents on Sunday. I’m very comfortable with my gushy twenty-something, single, do-as-I-please, carefree lifestyle. I am always happy to be with my sisters and spend time with them and to help my parents when I can, but it also reaffirms my decision not to have children. Soccer practices and birthday parties and silly putty ear plugs are just not my thing. I am, however, a big proponent for adoption. I don’t ever want to have children naturally. I don’t think I want to have children at all, but if I ever do decide I want a child, I want to adopt, probably an older child. The world is far too over-populated for people who don’t really want children to keep having children. Too many children grow up in foster care or group homes, bouncing around without families, never knowing love. That breaks my heart. No child should grow up like that. Every child should have a home with a family that loves and accepts them. As children get older, it’s harder to be adopted, because most people want babies, so the children not adopted as infants are often the ones that get lost in the system. Those are the ones that need saving the most. I think that’s what I’ll do…

With love,


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One thought on “Silly Putty Ear Plugs and whatnot…

  1. words4jp says:

    ahhh, you poor thing. you parents will be home soon – so hang in there. It is very sweet of you to watch your siblings – just think, someday, you can bring up the silly putty earplugs like at your sister’s wedding or some other time that would be, well, a little embarrassing! I am an only child, and ever since I can remember wish i had an older sister or brother. you are doing good – 🙂

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